Comfort, safety and convenience at its best. Keeping mom and baby together. What a happy, peaceful slumber!

“When we became parents the first time around we made many pointless purchases that were not helpful to life with our new baby. It was almost as if everywhere we looked, we were marketed with items which came across as ‘must-have essentials’, but in reality, some of those purchases were not even opened! The second time around was much easier – and we saved money… buying the Co-Sleeper Crib was the best option for our family. It made those early weeks much easier – and we all got much more sleep.” – James Harrier-Nagel, father and owner of one of the first Co-Sleeper Cribs.

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The unique Co-Sleeper Crib fits snuggly onto any bed via a strong board which slips between the mattress and the base of the bed.

And voila! Ready for Co-Sleeping bliss…